Things We Sell:


HELMETS: American &



BOOTS: New & Used, All Sizes, Black Combat Style and Tan Desert



CLOTHES: Field Jackets

Camo, Black, Digital Desert & Woodland; ACU pants and jackets; Fishtail Parkas with liners and hoods;        

T-Shirts, camo, tan brown, navy, gold


BAGS & BACKPACKS:  Alice complete and parts; large and small tool bags; duffel bags; sea bags; patiets effects


AMMO:  wooden boxes; 50 cal cams; 30 cal cams; tall 50 cal; dummy 50 cal; 20mm; grenades; plastic storage cases-all sizes;




WEB GEAR:  pistol belts; ammo pouch; suspenders; canteens, cups and covers; compass; aid pouch; goggles; first-aid kits


CAMPING:  sleeping bags; sleep foam mats; knife/fork/spoon kits; flashlights 90°; mess kits; MT mess kits; axes; machetes; parachute cords #550 lb; ropes; karabiner; light sticks; trip wire; pup tents and accessories


GUNS:  bore cleaner (ARMY); gun oil (ARMY); cleaning patches; 223 guides/clips/zipper; misc. pistol holsters


HATS:  police; riot; officers; drill sergeant; bug netting (insect protection); sailor (white)


PATCHES:  police; fire; military


COTS:  aluminum; wooden; cot part for repairs


TARPS:  canvas; vinyl; shelter halves; camo, woodland, snow, desert netting


UNDERGARMENTS: army socks, long underwear & union suits.


BELTS: Web & Buckles


GLOVES: Wool, Leather






We Do Wholesale Some Items Such as


· Trip Wire


· Camonet Tarps


· Dummy 20mm Rounds


· Large Size Boots






We Have Stuff’s Stuff

And A lot More!