M5A1 Bayonet w/Scabbard


The M5A1 bayonet has a 6¾ inch blade, and overall length is 11½ inches.The blade has one side sharpened for its full length and three inches of the other side are sharpened. There is a relatively large push button release to deal with removal.The stud on the bayonet crossguard fits the gas cylinder lock screw under the M1 barrel. Locking grooves attach to the bayonet lug on the rifle. Designed to fit M1 Garand Rifle. The grips are checkered black molded plastic and all metal parts are a dark gray parkerized finish. Scabbard (M8AI or M8) is a OD green metal reinforced plastic and canvas with a snap closure retaining strap and a wire belt keeper.

Before ordering this item check with state and local laws regarding possession.