Quick Clot Combat Gauze


Impregnated with an advanced hemostatic agent, Combat Gauze is an essential tool on the battlefield or any setting where severe bleeding must be stopped. Quikclot Combat Gauze is easy to use and easy to remove from its vacuum-sealed package. The z-fold design makes packing wounds easier and eliminates the risk of the roll falling and getting contaminated. Bleeding is stopped more quickly with the kaolin impregnated in the gauze, an inert mineral that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals. An x-ray detectable strip is incorporated into the QuikClot Combat Gauze to guarantee that the gauze won’t be left in a body cavity when the patient arrives at the operating room. The compact packaging ensures that this essential tool will fit anywhere, even in a loaded magazine pouch. This product is X-Ray detectable.

3 inches x 4 yards

Exp. 8/2023

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